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  The Cleito is made of stainless steel (304) with a Pyrex glass tube and a wide bore Delrin drip tip, which is made of imported food contact Delrin material . Due to the TPD regulations we've added a new 2ml version for the Cleito tank. /...

The latest e-cigarette clearomizer from Aspire features the acclaimed BVC Coils; meaning you get great technology for an affordable price. The K1 is a smaller capacity tank, but one that is both durable and performs very well.




Increases the capacity of your Cleito tank from 2ml to 5ml.     Please note: This is only glass for the Cleito tank, not the full atomiser.

Cloutank M4 vaporizer Functions: 1. Detach burner: the chamber and the coil are detaches to avoid damage while cleaning. 2. Cloutank M4 chamber: the patent design  Cloutank M4 chamber allows user to "re-mix" the dry herbal leaves inside the chambe /...